With great attention to detail,

we achieve impressive performance.

You're looking for a fast and individual sports car? Then you've come to the right place at 9FF!

Our team is constantly developing new products with the highest technical standards, so that you as a customer can only expect the best from us.

We're not building "The Car," but rather "Your Car."


Through years of developmental work, 9FF has succeeded in establishing itself in the market as a globally renowned, official TÜV-certified specialist for vehicle conversions of every kind, with a wide product range.

Naturally we are registered with the Federal Motor Transport Authority as a vehicle manufacturer. When others have already given up, we're just getting started.

We'll turn your vehicle into a one-of-a-kind - both inside and outside. Your satisfaction likewise motivates us and sets the bar.


We hope you'll enjoy our homepage, and look forward to getting in touch with you personally!


Jan Fatthauer





9FF is internationally known for fast, street-legal sports cars. It will always be our aspiration to build world record vehicles. Still, power and performance only represent one side of 9FF.

On the other side, 9FF stands for aesthetic and individuality.  Accordingly, 9FF offers a complete programme for individualisation.  9FF designs sports cars to be even more personal and sporty, offering exclusive and sophisticated products.

9FF also stands for uncompromising quality - combined with the art of German engineering - and the guarantee of a vehicle manufacturer approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.


That's why driving a 9FF is something special.


Extraordinary performance can only be achieved with extraordinary people

Heading 9FF is "The Brain:” Jann Fatthauer. He perfected his engineering expertise in the field of vehicle technology to such an extent that he is today of the few, if not the only, "Engine Artists" in the world who can get far more than 1,000 HP out of a series engine.


His young team at 9FF consists of highly motivated engineers, talented car body builders, gifted master mechanics, diligent trainees and apprentices.

And they're all living the same dream: Make everything a little better.


Again and again, 9FF has set new records and captivated the world of car enthusiasts.

With a total of 8 world records in the last 10 years, 9FF has taken a global leading position in the refinement of sports cars. The fact that the vehicles can drive to the test track on their own four wheels is also part of 9FF's fundamental philosophy: They must be fully reliable, durable and, above all, roadworthy.


2020: Fastest 997 on the half mile

2019: Fastest car out of Zuffenhausen from 200 to 300 kph in 4.08 seconds

2018: Fastest street-legal 991 from 0 to 300 kph in 13.1 seconds

2014: 0 - 300 kph in 12.9 seconds

2013: fastest 997 Turbo with bolt-on kit: 376 kph

2013: 9FF GT9 Vmax | With its 1,400 hp and a top speed of 437 kph, 9FF once again breaks its own record with the 9FF GT9 Vmax.

2013: 9FF G-Tronic | Acceleration from 0 to 300 kph in 13 seconds

2013: 9FF G-Tronic | Track record in Oschersleben

2011: 9FF GTurbo900 | Fastest alternative fuel vehicle in the world - 386 kph

2009: 9FF GT 63 | Fastest alternative fuel vehicle in the world - 347 kph

2008: 9FF GT9 | Fastest street-legal vehicle in the world - 409 kph

2007: 9FF CT 78 | Fastest alternative fuel vehicle in the world  - 336.2 kph

2006: 9FF TRC-85 | Fastest street-legal convertible in the world - 380 kph

2005: 9FF V400 | Fastest street-legal vehicle in the world - 388 kph

2004: 9FF 9F-T6 | Fastest Porsche in Nardò - 372 kph


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