GT9 - our performance masterpiece.


+ 2-seater super sports car

+ Mid-engine layout

+ Supporting 9ff tubular frame design, integrated roll cage with door bars for high safety

+ Box-type constructed front section for crash safety.

+ 1-piece lightweight carbon fibre body

+ Front and rear wheel arch extensions

+ Carbon fibre bonnet

+ Carbon fibre doors with side impact protection

+ Wind screen of laminated safety glass

+ Side and rear windows of Makrolon Plexiglas

+ 9FF / Recaro lightweight bucket seats

+ 9FF air intakes / exhausts in carbon fibre

+ Visible carbon fibre rear wing

+ 4-part smooth underbody with integrated front lip and rear diffuser


+ Unladen weight: 1,240 kg

+ Height: 1,100 mm

+ Length: 4,720 mm

+ Width: 2,045 mm

+ Wheelbase: 2,700 mm

+ Cd value: 0.325

We present 9FF's current world-record holding vehicle, the recipient of numerous international awards.


Before the very eyes of the international motorsport press, we have been able to verifiably achieve nearly Mach 0.5 with the top-of-the-line Vmax. Specifically: 437 kph.


Our model variant Amax has won over the expert community with its unique acceleration. The more ambitious driver is catapulted from zero to 300 kph in significantly under 13 seconds.


The ultimate, sporty driving experience is this exceptional vehicle's top priority as it bursts past the boundaries of all previous known dimensions.


After several years of developmental work, it's not in vain that we are a trifle proud to be able to present a unique sports car with a performance up to 1,400 hp that you can fully utilise, in particular on public roads - and that's despite the strict approval regulations within the EU.


The GT9 is everything but a series vehicle. As a connoisseur of special vehicles, it will be individually built for you. As a matter of course, you personally determine the desired performance level and transmission configuration, both of which can be expanded upon at any time.


You've also got free rein when it comes to the interior. If the consequent lightweight construction seems too puristic, we'll fashion an interior for you that cannot be more individual.


The following vehicle specifications are only exemplary and refer to the "Club Sport" edition.  With its 750 hp, alas less isn't doable, the GT9 CS is our tamest model.


+ 6-cylinder, twin turbo boxer engine

+ 3.6 litre displacement engine

+ 9FF engine block reinforcement

+ Dual piston oil-spray cooling per cylinder

+ Forged pistons

+ Nikasil coated aluminium cylinders

+ 9FF / Pankl titanium connecting rods

+ 9FF RS crankshaft

+ 9FF cylinder heads with large valves and ducts

+ 9FF camshafts "VarioCam Plus" with variable intake position

+ Plastic intake manifold for optimised airflow

+ 9FF fuel system and pressure regulator controlled by boost pressure

+ 9FF stainless steal header

+ VGT-750R  turbocharger with plain bearings and water cooling

+ Electronically angle-controlled turbine blades for boost control

+ 2 stage boost control with operating switch on the steering wheel

+ Aluminium intercooler with separate body inlet and outlet

+ Blower for additional intercooling

+ 9FF exhaust system with muffler and valve control

+ HJS 200 cell motorsport metal catalytic converters OBDII / EURO 5

+ 9FF airbox with large fresh air intake and performance air filters

+ Integrated blowoff valve

+ Altered MAP sensor


+ 750 hp / 551 kW at 6,800 rpm

+ 910 Nm from 2,950 to 5,800 rpm

+ 7,400 rpm rev limiter

+ 1.6 bar boost pressure (to be reduced to 1.0 bar per switch)

+ 100 mm x 76.4 mm (bore x stroke)


+ H-pattern 6-speed rear gearbox, longitudinal

+ Reinforced helical gears for quieter operation

+ Ratios: 3.17 1.89 1.41 1.09 0.89 0.75 (axle 3.44:1)

+ Extra strong 9FF limited slip differential 40 / 60%

+ Reinforced drive shafts with large inner joints

+ Extra light aluminium flywheel

+ 9FF 1-disc clutch with organic friction lining

+ Hydraulic release bearing

+ Automatic full throttle “9ff Power Shift” (Engine Cut) system


+ 2-part brake discs with aluminium hub

+ Front axle 380 x 34mm with 6-piston caliper

+ Rear axle 350 x 28mm with 4-piston caliper

+ 9FF / Pagid sport brake pads

+ PSM / ABS 4-channel hydraulic unit and controller

+ PSM disengageable


+ 9FF light-alloy wheels model "9FF-BBS-CS"

+ Front 10.5 x 18" with 285/35 ZR 18" Michelin CUP tyres

+ Rear 13.5 x 19" with 345/30 ZR 19" Michelin Cup tyres


0-100 kph: 3.6 s

0-200 kph: 8.8 s

0-300 kph: 19.5 s

100-200 kph: 5.2 s

200-300 kph: 10.4 s


Vmax: 364 kph



+ Height adjustable 9FF / JRZ suspension

+ Aluminium shock absorbers with reservoir

+ 3-way adjustable damper

+ 60 mm dual racing springs

+ Rigid aluminium strut mount

+ Reinforced control arm front + rear axle

+ Front axle "McPherson" system

+ Rear axle with push-rod operation

+ All axle struts with metal spherical bearings

+ Front and rear axle with 4-way adjustable stabilizer

+ Electrohydraulic power steering

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