9FF Speed9

Speed9 - Allow us to invigorate your mindset.



+ 2-seater super sports car

+ Mid-engine layout

+ Supporting 9ff tubular frame design, integrated roll cage with door bars for high safety

+ Box-type constructed front section for crash safety.

+ 1-piece lightweight carbon fibre body

+ Front and rear wheel arch extensions

+ Carbon fibre bonnet

+ Carbon fibre doors with side impact protection

+ Wind screen of laminated safety glass

+ Side and rear windows of Makrolon Plexiglas

+ 9FF / Recaro lightweight bucket seats

+ 9FF air intakes / exhausts in carbon fibre

+ Visible carbon fibre rear wing

+ 4-part smooth underbody with integrated front lip and rear diffuser


+ Unladen weight: 1,240 kg

+ Height: 1,100 mm

+ Length: 4,720 mm

+ Width: 2,045 mm

+ Wheelbase: 2,700 mm

+ Cd value: 0.325


The 9FF Speed9 is the ultimate open-air festival, orchestrated only for you, alone or with harmonious accompaniment. It's simultaneously our most luminous.


The combination of fresh air and rich engine sound are the hallmark of the 9FF Speed9. When adding the integrated audio system, perfected for roofless driving, playing your favourite music to the equation, the result is the ultimate driving experience that you'll gladly long remember.


The Speed 9 is more than just a convertible. It's the Harley of road vehicles. It's just as suitable for cruising and coasting, as well as for hightailing to your destination - but with the comfort and safety of 4 wheels.


Its elegant interior, special shape and performance make it unique. Experience it on a test drive.


We're certainly aware of the biggest concerns regarding our sunniest vehicle. We won't leave you out in the rain here, either: In next to no time, a tailor-made tonneau or a hardtop ensures the 9FF Speed 9's the all-weather capability, and that with a speed of up to 299 kph.



700 HP/ 514 kW, 910 Nm


+ 9FF sports exhaust "Speed9 Edition"

+ 9FF 100 cell sports catalytic converters

+ 9FF F700 VTG turbocharger

+ 9FF intercooler

+ 9FF stainless steal header

+ 9FF ECU programming

+ 9FF performance air filter


+ 9FF 19" rims with central lock

+ Front axle 8.5" x 19" - 235/35 ZR 19

+ Rear axle 11" x 19" - 295/30 ZR 19

+ Sport tyres Continental Force Contact


+ PASM sport shock absorbers

+ Adjustable front and rear axle - stabilizer

+ Springs with distance plates

+ 4 aluminium spring plates


+ 9FF "Speed9" wide body (base: Turbo)

+ 9FF "Speed9 Aerodynamics" consisting of:

+ 9FF front spoiler

+ 9FF side skirts

+ 9FF rear skirt


+ Complete 9FF leather interior design

+ 9FF sport steering wheel

+ 9FF Speed9 lightweight seats

+ Leather dashboard

+ Leather door trim

+ 9FF "Speed9" roll cage

+ 9FF design instruments


+ 6-speed manual gearbox or Tiptronic


+ 2 front PCCB brake discs 380mm x 32mm

+ Front axle 6-piston caliper

+ 2 sets special brake pads

+ 2 rear PCCB brake discs 350mm x 28mm


Soft top or hardtop available on request

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